“After tripping on my street and damaging my hip, I was suffering from extreme pain. I consulted two doctors but they were unable to ease the pain. I was sent for physical therapy but the pain continued. I was then introduced to Louise Amar. After the first hour of treatment, I was able to walk without pain. Louise did all the work – I simply laid back and relaxed. Louise is a truly remarkable and talented healer. Over several decades, numerous healers have treated me. None came even close to Louise. My advice: If you have pain, see Louise.”

LARRY CONROYMedia Coach On Camera and Off, Inc.

“My experience with Louise’s treatment was great. When I woke up I was completely renewed, calm and full of energy. The feeling lasted for many days.”

DR. ALEJANDRO JUNGERFounder Clean Program

“Louise Amar is a unique healer. Her enormous talent comes from her innate understanding of the connection between the mind and body. Few healers reach the depths that Louise does. Her own life experiences have made her particularly sensitive to the body’s vibrations and energy, and since all things in the universe function based on energy, her understanding is invaluable. As a doctor, I happily recommend Louise and know that those she treats will inevitably feel better in her care.”

DR. ILAN BOHM,D.C. FACPOffice of Integrative Medicine

“At first, I started seeing Louise to help see me through a medical diagnostic: Breast Cancer at the age of 38. She eased my difficult journey of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but somewhere down the road it became more than that. Through her healing touch, and our time shared together, Louise helped me face fears, understand relationships in my life, and shed light on the person that I really am. Each session with her is different, but one thing is constant: I always leave feeling lighter, as if a weight is lifted off of me, as if cobwebs have been cleared away from my mind; ultimately I feel calm and ready to face the day with gratitude. I am infinitely grateful for my time spent in her care. Louise continues to help me bring about new insights, depth, faith and purpose to my life and my path.”

FREDERIQUE JACQUOTAssistant Vice President Swett & Crawford Group

“Louise Amar’s positive energy has believers out of both fashionistas and MD’s”

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