Flow: to move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity.

Our good health is the effect of homeostasis, regulation and the maintenance and constancy of energetic flow governing the good health of our bodies and minds.

Energetic flow sustained through homeostasis, is a healthy dynamic state that is maintained by constant adjustments of biochemical, psychological and physiological pathways which grows and maintains the cells, tissues, organs and immune system.

Energetic flow through homeostasis also controls our moods, creativity, energetic productivity and feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Energetic flow puts our body in its natural state of dynamic harmony and homeostasis. Perpetual flow is what makes us feel “alive”, well and comfortable within.

Modern lifestyles mean we are increasingly exposed to challenges and stressful situations that stimulate our sympathetic nervous system to release hormones and chemicals that trigger a freeze, flight or fight response, designed by nature for short periods of time. The problem today is that we live lives under constant pressure and stress that leads to an excessive build-up of three major stress hormones adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, that leads to energetic excesses and or deficiencies causing inflammation, stagnation and a lack of energetic flow. Simple symptoms like headaches, back and neck pain, heartburn, constipation, excess worry, guilt, nervousness, anger and anxiety leading to panic attacks and more complicated conditions such as professional burn out and serious illnesses if left unchecked and cared for over time.

Louise offers energetic healing sessions designed to relax and stimulate the body-mind and support a return of flow and homeostasis to naturally restore good health through your own bodies ability to dissolve energy blocks in your body.

The sessions can bring an immediate release of pain and discomfort and support for your body to return to its optimal capabilities. Our body heals itself under the right conditions and the sessions stimulate this natural capacity of your body to remember how to return to good health and wellbeing.

Moreover, each session which is a combination of talking through issues , diagnosing causes and energetic work on her table, teaches you tools to activate your body’s own natural healing rhythms and also guidelines for daily life, such as listening to your body and mind and what is needed to master your own health, thinking and emotional response. Your thinking and feelings reflect your emotional process and the way you ultimately feel about and deal with the challenges of modern living. One gains awareness by learning to observe one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions which helps to understand and create more flow in daily life regarding your health, wealth and happiness.

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