Good health is the effect of homeostasis regulation and the maintenance of a constant state of energetic flow, growth, and transformation of our immune system, governing the good health of our bodies, minds, and creative free spirits.

Personal growth and healing, sustained through homeostasis, is a healthy dynamic state that is maintained by constant adjustments of biochemical, psychological, and physiological pathways which grows and maintain cells, tissues, organs, and immune systems that constitute you and me.

Healthy states of homeostasis also control our states of mind, moods, feelings of well-being and happiness, and our inner resourcefulness and abilities to respond to the challenges of life. The feelings that come from being able to focus on personal healing, growth, and transformation puts our bodies in the natural state of dynamic harmony and healthy homeostasis, and it’s what makes us feel alive and well aligned with our physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Modern lifestyles mean we are increasingly exposed to stressful situations and challenges at work and at home that stimulates our sympathetic nervous system to release hormones and chemicals that trigger our animalistic instincts to freeze, flee or fight, designed by nature as a response for short periods of time. The problem today is that we live lives under constant pressure and stress that leads to an excessive build-up of three major stress hormones being, adrenaline cortisol and norepinephrine, which leads to bodily chemicals excesses and or deficiencies, causing inflammation, stagnation, and lack of energetic flow, mentally, emotionally, physically and overtime spiritually.

This way of living and working, if left unaddressed, leads to a build-up of simple symptoms like headaches, back and neck pain, heartburn, constipation, excess worry, guilt, nervousness, anger and anxiety, and more serious conditions leading to panic attacks and more complicated conditions such as professional burnout, depression and serious illness of left unchecked suppressed and uncared for.

Louise offers synergetic personal healing and transformation sessions designed to relax and stimulate the body and mind while supporting your body, mind, and spirit to return to its natural homeostasis and healthier ways of living and working.

The sessions can bring mental, emotional, and physical relief and can also bring an immediate release of pain and discomfort and ultimately support your body to return to its own optimal self-healing capabilities.

Our bodies heal themselves under the right conditions, and the sessions with Louise can stimulate the natural capacity of your body to remember how to return to good health and well-being, working through the mental, emotional and physical channels.

Moreover, each session which is a combination of a conversation diagnosing root causes and then energetic work on her table teaches you to also activate your body’s own natural healing rhythms and also provides guidelines for daily living and working, such as listening to your body and your mind and what is needed to master your own personal healing, growth and transformation process creating healthier thinking and emotional responses.

Your thinking and feelings reflect your emotional and behavioral reactions in the way you ultimately feel about and deal with the challenges of modern-day living and working in a world that is now constantly changing and demanding more of our time and energy in the life force.

Through Louise’s intense and enjoyable personal healing sessions, one gains a much greater awareness in learning to observe and master one’s own thoughts, feelings, and emotions which helps you to understand and create more meaningful changes in our daily lives, relationships, and careers regarding your health wealth and happiness and enjoy being alive and continue to thrive in this often uncertain and precious moment in time.

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