The Sensie of Personal and Professional Growth and Transformation.

Louise Amar’s journey as a transformational teacher and healer began with her personal search for answers while falling seriously ill. When living in Vienna, Louise experienced the power of deep personal transformational work, where Western medicine and doctors failed her and had no answers.

Since that moment, Louise ended a successful modeling career and business in Europe and has dedicated her life to the science and art of personal and professional transformation.

Originally from Israel, Louise has traveled extensively and studied a variety of different transformational modalities, philosophies and practices from many cultures and different countries. Louise also participated in research at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, along with doctors and business leaders to create her own integrative response to personal and professional transformation.

Based in New York City since 1999, Louise has run a successful business, focusing on empowering and educating professionals and leaders from all walks of life. Louise especially works supporting senior executive woman in turning their career challenges into opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

Through dedicated one on one sessions Louise helps to liberate individuals from their own limiting beliefs, bad habits and unconscious resistance to change. Through focusing on helping her clients understand how their own immunity to change is holding them back Louise helps them discover and recover their fullest potential in terms of professional and personal success, health and well-being.

The very effective personal and professional transformational systems Louise has developed are based on combining ancient practices and philosophies, along with extensive research into why people find changing for the better so challenging and her own personal experiences overcoming a life threatening illness, being a dedicated wife and mother of two wonderful children.


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