Louise Amar’s journey as a healer began with her personal search for answers while falling seriously ill. When living in Vienna, Louise experienced the power of healing work in a situation where western medicine and doctors failed her and had no answers.
After a period of time a Healer and Reiki master came to her aid and the healing session put her back on her feet.

Since that moment, Louise ended a successful modeling career in Europe and has dedicated her life to the science and art of healing.

Originally from Israel, Louise has traveled extensively and studied a variety of healing modalities, philosophies and practices of other cultures and countries. She also participated in research at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, along with doctors, to create an integrative response to the healing process.

Based in New York City since 1999, Louise has been empowering and educating women on self healing and feminine values as a career woman, a mother, and a spouse. Through dedicated one-on-one sessions Louise helps health care practitioners and individuals alike, to liberate their fullest potential in terms of professional and personal health and well being.

After many years of experience working with clients suffering from different forms of cancer Louise was diagnosed herself with Lymphatic cancer. This challenging experience gave Louise a wonderful first-hand opportunity to get a deep understanding and evolve her knowledge of working with cancer mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Louise also had the very difficult task of sharing and teaching her children how to understand and deal with their mother going through her own intense healing process consciously, so they all could grow together from such adversity. Louise has been clear from cancer now for many years.

The healing system Louise has developed is based on ancient practices, extensive research and personal experience. Her healing techniques of Energetic Medicine, help her clients to successfully integrate both western and eastern medicine approaches.

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