Energetic Medicine

Flow: to move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity.

Our health is the effect of the energetic flow within our body which maintains the immune system and also controls our moods, creativity, and productivity. Flow puts our body in its  natural state of harmony. Perpetual flow is what makes us feel “alive” and comfortable within.

As we grow in life we are likely to get emotional and mental blocks which slow the flow and may eventually cause discomforts to appear .

A steady flow of energy in our bodies is essential in order to keep our vitality and maintain a joyous and healthy life.

Louise offers energetic healing sessions designed to dissolve energy blocks restoring flow and harmony in the body.  The sessions bring an immediate release of pain and rejuvenate the body to its optimal capabilities.  The body heals itself under the right conditions and the sessions activate this natural capacity.

Moreover, the session teaches you tools for daily life, such as listening to the way your body flows. Your thinking reflects your emotional process and the way you feel. One gains awareness by learning to observe one’s thoughts, which helps to understand your flow in daily life.